Environmental Responsibility

In Shoftim, Rabbi Sacks teaches us that while some commandments are so narrow that they may not effectively be fulfilled, others are so broad that they cannot be ignored. The laws governing conduct during a siege against an enemy, such as preserving trees, are examples of the latter category.


Re’eh exhorts us to clearly see the choices that are laid out before us and to choose the way of blessing. We are commanded to see because without clear vision we may not be able to distinguish between blessing and curse.

Axelrad, Rabbi Rachel (AJRCA 2020)

Rabbi Rachel Axelrad was ordained at AJRCA in 2020. She joined Desert Outreach Synagogue (DOS) as Associate Rabbi in 2021, working with her close friend and colleague, Rabbi Dr. Jules King (AJRCA 2018) where she provides adult Jewish education, leads Shabbat services, and manages pastoral care and crises in Rabbi King’s absence.