The AJRCA Clergy and Alumni Association is the professional organization serving the graduates of AJRCA, The Academy for Jewish Religion California.  Among our objectives is the continued strength of the connection between the alumni and the Academy that brought us together.

In accordance with the requirements of clergy associations and to maintain our high level of professionalism, we have created a code of ethics by which all of our members agree to abide.

As a support group, we offer a community committed to assisting our members facing the challenges of making Judaism more meaningful and relevant in today’s evolving society.  This involves all facets of scholarly interchange from finding resources supporting professional and spiritual development to creating relevant and timely collegial forums.

We acknowledge with gratitude those members whose ongoing leadership helps to foster our common goals.

2017-2018 OFFICERS:

President:   Rabbi Marcy Delbick  marcygdelbick@gmail.com

Vice President: Rabbi Laura Owens  rabbilaura@gmail.com

Secretary: Chaplain Deborah Schmidt  haviviproductions@gmail.com

Treasurer: Cantor Edward Robin  erobin311@gmail.com

AJRCA Board Representative: Rabbi Laura Owens


Co-Chair, Rabbi Meredith Cahn

Co-Chair, Rabbi Lisa Bock

Rabbi Bruce Skolnick

Chaplain Candi Wuhrman

Cantor/Rabbi Eva Robbins


Chair, Rabbi Bennett Blum

Rabbi Elisheva Breyer

Rabbi Ira Rosenfeld

Cantor Fran Burgess

Chaplain Ruth Belonsky

Chaplain Judith Sommerstein