• Barclay, Michael

    Barclay, Michael

    Author, college professor, and the Recipient of the 2010 Distinguished Humanitarian Award from the B’nai Zion Foundation; Rabbi Barclay has served as the spiritual leader of multiple …
  • Becker, Birdie

    Becker, Birdie

    Rabbi Birdie Becker has been a Jewish educator and performer for over 40 years. Rabbi of Temple Emanuel, Pueblo, she works with numerous congregations throughout Colorado and …
  • Beyer, Elisheva

    Beyer, Elisheva

    Position: Rabbi
  • Bieber, Janet

    Bieber, Janet

    Cantor/Educator 30 years Rabbi at Jewish Home for the Aging in Encinitas, CA 6 years
  • Blum, Bennett

    Blum, Bennett

    R. Bennett Blum, M.D. is a rabbi and an internationally acclaimed physician specializing in both forensic and geriatric psychiatry.
  • Blumofe, Rabbi Neil F.

    Blumofe, Rabbi Neil F.

    Thesis Title: ALL THE POWDERS OF THE MERCHANTS: A Mimesis of Experience Reflected in Composition -- A Translation and Introductory Exegesis of S.Y. Agnon's Kisui HaDam (Bad …
  • Bock, Lisa

    Bock, Lisa

    Position: Community Rabbi
  • Bonem, Rabbi Robert

    Bonem, Rabbi Robert

  • Brody Slome, Rabbi Lynne

    Brody Slome, Rabbi Lynne

  • Brown, Rabbi Randall

    Brown, Rabbi Randall

    Thesis Title: *JUDAISM AND GAMBLING: A Personal Narrative of Teshuvah To Help Create Awareness (2010)
  • Cahn, Meredith

    Cahn, Meredith

    Rabbi Meredith Cahn came to the rabbinate through a career in public health, looking at health as comprising all aspects of one's humanity, including spirituality.
  • Copnick, Corinne

    Copnick, Corinne

    What an incredible journey! Born in Montreal, Canada, and living in Los Angeles near her children and grandchildren, Rabbi Corinne Heather Copnick entered AJR-CA’s rabbinic program at …
  • Cotler, Rabbi and Cantor Kyle Andrew

    Cotler, Rabbi and Cantor Kyle Andrew

    Thesis Title: *SPANDEX HIDES MORE THAN JUST A COVENANT: How Superheroes of Modernity Reflect Jewish Identity And Values (2016)
  • Delbick, Rabbi Marcy

    Delbick, Rabbi Marcy

    Thesis Title: *LEARNING TO BE JEWISH IN UGANDA (2009)
  • Elliot, Diane

    Elliot, Diane

    Rabbi Diane Elliot serves as a ritual leader, wisdom teacher, and spiritual director in San Francisco’s East Bay. Before studying for the rabbinate, she enjoyed a 25-year …
  • Elman, Anthony

    Elman, Anthony

    After careers in law, social work and psychotherapy (all in England) and two years of study at Yakar in Jerusalem, I entered AJR,Ca in 2003.
  • Erlick, Avivah

    Erlick, Avivah

    Avivah Erlick is a community chaplain in private practice, with a referral agency called LA Community Chaplaincy Services (LACCS)
  • Feig, Andrew

    Feig, Andrew

    Position: School Rabbi
  • Finley, Rabbi Steve

    Finley, Rabbi Steve

    Thesis Title: **SYNAGOGUE MANAGEMENT: Filling the Holes with Holiness (2009) Email: stefinley@yahoo.com … Continue reading →
  • Foonberg, Robin

    Foonberg, Robin

    Rabbi Robin Foonberg began her career as a Jewish Professional 20 years ago as a Religious School teacher at Temple Beth David in Westminster, CA.
  • Funk, Liat Yardeni

    Funk, Liat Yardeni

    Position: Rabbi, Director of Israel Programs, Dir. of Ed.
  • Gevirtz, Elihu

    Gevirtz, Elihu

    Rabbi Eliyahu is founding Rabbi of Zimrat Yah in Santa Barbara, California. He is a botanist and wildlife biologist working on habitat restoration.
  • Gilbert, Sara

    Gilbert, Sara

    Position: Rabbi / Spiritual Leader
  • Gindlin, Elena Mariana

    Gindlin, Elena Mariana

    Position: Rabbi/Cantor/Educator
  • Goldberg, Susan

    Goldberg, Susan

  • Goldhaber-Gordon, Ilana

    Goldhaber-Gordon, Ilana

    Rabbi Ilana Goldhaber-Gordon took an unusual path to the rabbinate. She holds a Phd in biochemistry from MIT, has studied Talmud at the highest levels, was educated …
  • Goodman, Mark

    Goodman, Mark

    Thesis Title: *ABORTION AND EUTHANASIA: A Survey of Jewish Thought (2007) Email: marksgoodman@yahoo.com   … Continue reading →
  • Gottesfeld, Rabbi Dov

    Gottesfeld, Rabbi Dov

    Thesis Title: *JEWISH YEARNING FOR ZION: How the Biblical Hebrew Language Laid the Groundwork for A Unified Expression of Yearning for Zion (2013) Email: dovgottesfeld@gmail.com … Continue reading …
  • Greene, Guy

    Greene, Guy

    Email: RabbiGreene@aol.com … Continue reading →
  • Greenfeld, Rabbi and Cantor Judy

    Greenfeld, Rabbi and Cantor Judy

    Position: Rabbi and Cantor Thesis Title: *PATHWAYS INTO PRAYER: A Siddur With Commentary (2016) *CREATING A SYNAGOGUE PRAYER BOOK (2004) Email: cantorgreenfeld@gmail.com … Continue reading →
  • Hamrell, Miriam

    Hamrell, Miriam

    Born & raised in Israel. Served two year in the Israeli Defense Forces. Married for 45 years, three sons, and four grandkids.
  • Hertzberg, Rita

    Hertzberg, Rita

    Position: Rabbi Served as Rabbi/Chaplain at Los Angeles Jewish Home for the Aging: 2000-2014 Specializations Baby Naming Ceremonies Bereavement Counseling Corporate Chaplaincy Dedications & New Home Blessings …
  • Herzfeld-Stern, Rabbi Cecilia

    Herzfeld-Stern, Rabbi Cecilia

    Thesis Title *JEWISH REGENERATION AFTER THE SHOAH: The Midrashic Process And The Search For A Post-Shoah Theology (2011) Email: Tiknet18@sbcglobal.net     … Continue reading →
  • Israel, Debbie

    Israel, Debbie

    Position: Rabbi
  • Kantrowitz, Min

    Kantrowitz, Min

    A fellow of the CLAL Rabbis Without Borders program, Rabbi Kantrowitz served thousands of unaffiliated Jews in New Mexico from 2004 until 2015.
  • Kaplan, Rabbi Bill

    Kaplan, Rabbi Bill

    Position: Rabbi Thesis Title *EDIBLE JUDASIM: Using Nature Imagery in the Torah for Homiletical and Pedagogical Practice (2016) Email: bill@shalominstitute.com   … Continue reading →
  • Kertesz, Dean

    Kertesz, Dean

    Position: At JCHS: Jewish Studies Teacher and Dean of the 11th and 12th grades. At TBH: Rabbi
  • Kozlow, Rabbi Julie

    Kozlow, Rabbi Julie

    Email: juliekozlow56@gmail.com   … Continue reading →
  • Levine, Arthur , Ph.D., J.D

    Levine, Arthur , Ph.D., J.D

    I made Aliyah in 2012 and divide my time between Fullerton, CA and Israel.
  • Li-Paz, Ron

    Li-Paz, Ron

    Spiritual Leader (Cantor/Rabbi) of Valley Outreach Synagogue since 1996
  • Lieberman, Beth

    Lieberman, Beth

    Four years of organizing congregations around a vision and building community initiatives
  • Lipschultz, Jeffrey

    Lipschultz, Jeffrey

    Rabbi Jeffrey Lipschultz has been the Rabbi at Beth Judah Temple in Wildwood, NJ since 2008. Beth Judah is a historic synagogue on the Jersey Shore.
  • Madden, Janet

    Madden, Janet

    Rabbi Janet Madden Ph.D is a four-time fellowship recipient of the National Endowment for the Humanities and a graduate of Kol Zimra Sacred Chant and a certified …
  • Magal, Alicia

    Magal, Alicia

    Ordained in 2003 by AJR-CA and Aleph Renewal seminaries, Alicia Magal lived and worked in Israel for 7 years, returned to the US married and with two …
  • Marcus, Paula

    Marcus, Paula

    Position: Rabbi
  • Margalith, Osnat

    Margalith, Osnat

    Position: Rabbi
  • Mehring, Janice

    Mehring, Janice

    Rabbi Mehring is a product of the Reform movement having grown up in San Diego, CA and attending Camp Swig, now Camp Newman, as a kid.
  • Michael, Belle

    Michael, Belle

    Rabbi Michael serves as Campus Rabbi and Hillel director at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks.
  • Mintz, Yocheved

    Mintz, Yocheved

    Rabbi Mintz is the spiritual head of Congregation P'nai Tikvah, the only Reconstructionist/Renewal community in Nevada.
  • Mittelman, Malka

    Mittelman, Malka

    Position: Rabbi, Spiritual Care Counselor
  • Mummert, Catherine

    Mummert, Catherine

    Position: Rabbi Email: crmummert@yahoo.com Thesis Title: B’REISHEIT: Every End is a New Beginning (2015) … Continue reading →
  • Nanus, Susan

    Nanus, Susan

    Position: Rabbi Thesis Title: SONG OF SONGS, A JEWISH WOMAN’S GUIDE TO SEX, LOVE AND HAPPINESS: A New Interpretation (2014) Email: LilianaNanus@aol.com   … Continue reading →
  • Navah, Avraham

    Navah, Avraham

    Position: Senior Chaplain/Rabbi
  • Owens, Laura

    Owens, Laura

    Position: Rabbi
  • Perlmutter, Nina

    Perlmutter, Nina

    In addition to serving part-time at congregation Heichal Baoranim/Temple in the Pines in Flagstaff, AZ, I am the first designated Jewish contact for Jewish Services & Programs …
  • Podolsky, Robin

    Podolsky, Robin

    Rabbi Robin Podolsky is a Lecturer at California State University, Long Beach and Interim Rabbinic Associate at Temple Beth Israel of Highland Park and Eagle Rock.
  • Rensin, Rabbi Sarah

    Rensin, Rabbi Sarah

    Position: Rabbi Email: sauce3@yahoo.com    Thesis Title ILLUMINATIONS OF THE AMIDAH: The First Three Brachot (2015) … Continue reading →
  • Robbins, Eva

    Robbins, Eva

    Position: Rabbi and Cantor
  • Rosenfeld, Ira

    Rosenfeld, Ira

    I am Co-Founder, Clergy, and Educator for Or Echad and HomeShul. Or Echad is a non-profit religious organization that provides services to several areas of Southern and …
  • Rosenstein, Sandy

    Rosenstein, Sandy

    Position: Rabbi
  • Rotenberg, Rabbi Mark

    Rotenberg, Rabbi Mark

    Position: Rabbi Thesis Title: RECOVERY REFLECTIONS IN TEHILLIM (2007) Email: rebmdr@gmail.com … Continue reading →
  • Seidman, Lawrence

    Seidman, Lawrence

    Rabbi Larry Seidman is a transdenominational rabbi serving the Jewish communities of Southern California. Based in Orange County, he is a frequent participant in interfaith activities, and …
  • Seidman, Linda

    Seidman, Linda

    Community Rabbi in Orange County
  • Shapiro, Lori

    Shapiro, Lori

    Founder of The Open Temple centered in Venice, CA, Lori seeks to take her experience from her broad background in the arts and academia, and serve unaffiliated …
  • Sharfman, Bonnie

    Sharfman, Bonnie

    Position: Rabbi
  • Shelby, Arinna

    Shelby, Arinna

    Position: Rabbi
  • Sherwood, Jay

    Sherwood, Jay

    Position: Rabbi
  • Shleffar, Rabbi Paul

    Shleffar, Rabbi Paul

    Position: Rabbi   Thesis Title *STIRRINGS OF THE SOUL: Hitorerut Hanefesh (2006) Email: paulshleffar@gmail.com   … Continue reading →
  • Simerly, Meeka

    Simerly, Meeka

    Graduated AJRCA 2009, Ordained as Cantor Worked as Cantor at Temple Emanu-El, San Jose, CA, 2006-2016
  • Skolnick, Bruce M.D., Ph.D.

    Skolnick, Bruce M.D., Ph.D.

    PhD Anatomy, UCLA, on faculty for several years Medical School UCLA Anesthesiology Residency UCLA
  • Slome, Lynn Brody

    Slome, Lynn Brody

    After working as an associate rabbi at Temple of the Arts and as a rabbi at Sun City Jewish Congregation, I became Associate Dean of Placement and …
  • Snyder, Mindie

    Snyder, Mindie

    Rabbi Mindie Snyder serves the community of Flagstaff, AZ as the spiritual leader of Heichal Baoranim/Temple in the Pines, since August of 2015.
  • Tessler, Faith

    Tessler, Faith

    I was ordained by AJRCA in 2007. Since then, I have been working as the community rabbi in Desert Hot Springs, CA, doing monthly Shabbat services as …
  • Torchio, Batshir

    Torchio, Batshir

    Position: Rabbi, Senior Educator
  • Tubman, Yisraela

    Tubman, Yisraela

    Position: Teacher
  • Turner, Rabbi Monty

    Turner, Rabbi Monty

    Position: Rabbi Thesis Title: FROM HUMILITY TO HALLELUJAH (AND BACK AGAIN) (2005) … Continue reading →
  • Watts, Rabbi Julie

    Watts, Rabbi Julie

    Position: Rabbi Email: juliawattsbelser@gmail.com Thesis Title: PRAISING HER: A JEWISH THEOLOGY OF GODDESS (2007)   … Continue reading →
  • Waugaman, Wynne

    Waugaman, Wynne

    History of over 35 years in academic administration and teaching;research interest in Jewish Alaska - will have an exhibit at the Alaska Jewish Museum on The Miracle …
  • Weiner, Cheryl

    Weiner, Cheryl

    Position: Rabbi/Chaplain
  • Zacky, Barbara

    Zacky, Barbara

    I am a member at IKAR and am on the Avelilut committee.