• Alpert, Rabbi Chazzan Avraham

    Alpert, Rabbi Chazzan Avraham

    Avi has served as a hazzan for more than eighteen years. His posts have included Mosaic Law Congregation in Sacramento, Temple Beth Sholom in Las Vegas, and …
  • Bar-David, Rabbi Tzvi

    Bar-David, Rabbi Tzvi

    He worked for Bay Area Addiction and Recovery Treatment (BAART) as a Methadone Counselor in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco and also trained as an inter-faith …
  • Baron, David

    Baron, David

    A Summa Cum Laude graduate in Computer Science and Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin, David Baron also received a Masters degree in Computer Science …
  • Becker, Birdie

    Becker, Birdie

    Rabbi Birdie Becker has been a Jewish educator and performer for over 40 years. Rabbi of Temple Emanuel, Pueblo, she works with numerous congregations throughout Colorado and …
  • Belser, Rabbi Julie Watts

    Belser, Rabbi Julie Watts

    Position: Rabbi Julia Watts Belser is Associate Professor of Jewish Studies in the Theology Department at Georgetown University. She is the author of Power, Ethics, and Ecology …
  • Beyer, Elisheva

    Beyer, Elisheva

    Position: Rabbi
  • Bieber, Janet

    Bieber, Janet

    Cantor/Educator 30 years Rabbi at Jewish Home for the Aging in Encinitas, CA 6 years
  • Blum, Bennett

    Blum, Bennett

    R. Bennett Blum, M.D. is a rabbi and an internationally acclaimed physician specializing in both forensic and geriatric psychiatry.
  • Blum, Lily

    Blum, Lily

    Position: Rabbi Cantor Educator
  • Blumofe, Rabbi Neil F.

    Blumofe, Rabbi Neil F.

    Thesis Title: ALL THE POWDERS OF THE MERCHANTS: A Mimesis of Experience Reflected in Composition -- A Translation and Introductory Exegesis of S.Y. Agnon's Kisui HaDam (Bad …
  • Bock, Lisa

    Bock, Lisa

    Position: Community Rabbi
  • Bonem, Rabbi Robert

    Bonem, Rabbi Robert

  • Brody-Slome, Lynn

    Brody-Slome, Lynn

    After working as an associate rabbi at Temple of the Arts and as a rabbi at Sun City Jewish Congregation, I became Associate Dean of Placement and …
  • Brown, Rabbi Randall

    Brown, Rabbi Randall

    Thesis Title: *JUDAISM AND GAMBLING: A Personal Narrative of Teshuvah To Help Create Awareness (2010)
  • Cahn, Meredith

    Cahn, Meredith

    Rabbi Meredith Cahn came to the rabbinate through a career in public health, looking at health as comprising all aspects of one's humanity, including spirituality.
  • Chabon, Jennie Ruth

    Chabon, Jennie Ruth

    Rabbi Cantor Jennie Chabon graduated from Columbia University with a degree in Anthropology and receive her Master of Sacred Music and Investiture from the Jewish Theological Seminary.
  • Copnick, Corinne

    Copnick, Corinne

    What an incredible journey! Born in Montreal, Canada, and living in Los Angeles near her children and grandchildren, Rabbi Corinne Heather Copnick entered AJR-CA’s rabbinic program at …
  • Cotler, Rabbi Cantor Kyle Andrew

    Cotler, Rabbi Cantor Kyle Andrew

    Thesis Title: *SPANDEX HIDES MORE THAN JUST A COVENANT: How Superheroes of Modernity Reflect Jewish Identity And Values (2016)
  • Dann, Florence Lois (z’l)

    Dann, Florence Lois (z’l)

    Florence is currently an Executive Editor and has been a contributing writer since 2004 for Jlife magazine, an Orange County Jewish publication. She enjoys the opportunity to …
  • Delbick, Rabbi Marcy

    Delbick, Rabbi Marcy

    Thesis Title: *LEARNING TO BE JEWISH IN UGANDA (2009)
  • Elliot, Diane

    Elliot, Diane

    Rabbi Diane Elliot serves as a ritual leader, wisdom teacher, and spiritual director in San Francisco’s East Bay. Before studying for the rabbinate, she enjoyed a 25-year …
  • Elman, Anthony

    Elman, Anthony

    After careers in law, social work and psychotherapy (all in England) and two years of study at Yakar in Jerusalem, I entered AJR,Ca in 2003.
  • Erlick, Avivah

    Erlick, Avivah

    Avivah Erlick is a community chaplain in private practice, with a referral agency called LA Community Chaplaincy Services (LACCS)
  • Feig, Andrew

    Feig, Andrew

    Position: School Rabbi
  • Finley, Rabbi Steve

    Finley, Rabbi Steve

    Thesis Title: **SYNAGOGUE MANAGEMENT: Filling the Holes with Holiness (2009) Email: stefinley@yahoo.com … Continue reading →
  • Foonberg, Robin

    Foonberg, Robin

    Rabbi Robin Foonberg began her career as a Jewish Professional 20 years ago as a Religious School teacher at Temple Beth David in Westminster, CA.
  • Freidlin, Shira Kaplan

    Freidlin, Shira Kaplan

    Shira Freidlin received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and TV from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. She holds a Master of Arts in …
  • Funk, Liat Yardeni

    Funk, Liat Yardeni

    Position: Rabbi, Director of Israel Programs, Dir. of Ed.
  • Gabai, Tsipi

    Gabai, Tsipi

    She has worked her entire adult life in Jewish education and in a variety of organizations within the Jewish community as a teacher, educational director and head …
  • Gevirtz, Elihu

    Gevirtz, Elihu

    Rabbi Eliyahu is founding Rabbi of Zimrat Yah in Santa Barbara, California. He is a botanist and wildlife biologist working on habitat restoration.
  • Gilbert, Sara

    Gilbert, Sara

    Position: Rabbi / Spiritual Leader
  • Gindlin, Elena Mariana

    Gindlin, Elena Mariana

    Position: Rabbi/Cantor/Educator
  • Ginsberg-Margo, Joshua M.

    Ginsberg-Margo, Joshua M.

    Joshua is a native of New York and a graduate of the University of Southern California, Joshua received a B.A. in English (Creative Writing) and East Asian …
  • Goldberg, Susan

    Goldberg, Susan

  • Goldhaber-Gordon, Ilana

    Goldhaber-Gordon, Ilana

    Rabbi Ilana Goldhaber-Gordon took an unusual path to the rabbinate. She holds a Phd in biochemistry from MIT, has studied Talmud at the highest levels, was educated …
  • Goodman, Rabbi Cantor Mark

    Goodman, Rabbi Cantor Mark

    Thesis Title: *ABORTION AND EUTHANASIA: A Survey of Jewish Thought (2007) Email: marksgoodman@yahoo.com   … Continue reading →
  • Gottesfeld, Rabbi Dov

    Gottesfeld, Rabbi Dov

    Thesis Title: *JEWISH YEARNING FOR ZION: How the Biblical Hebrew Language Laid the Groundwork for A Unified Expression of Yearning for Zion (2013) Email: dovgottesfeld@gmail.com … Continue reading …
  • Greene, Guy

    Greene, Guy

    Email: RabbiGreene@aol.com … Continue reading →
  • Greenfeld, Rabbi Cantor Judy

    Greenfeld, Rabbi Cantor Judy

    Position: Rabbi Cantor Thesis Title: *PATHWAYS INTO PRAYER: A Siddur With Commentary (2016) *CREATING A SYNAGOGUE PRAYER BOOK (2004) Email: cantorgreenfeld@gmail.com … Continue reading →
  • Hamrell, Miriam

    Hamrell, Miriam

    Born & raised in Israel. Served two year in the Israeli Defense Forces. Married for 45 years, three sons, and four grandkids.
  • Hertzberg, Rita

    Hertzberg, Rita

    Position: Rabbi Served as Rabbi/Chaplain at Los Angeles Jewish Home for the Aging: 2000-2014 Specializations Baby Naming Ceremonies Bereavement Counseling Corporate Chaplaincy Dedications & New Home Blessings …
  • Herzfeld-Stern, Rabbi Cecilia

    Herzfeld-Stern, Rabbi Cecilia

    Thesis Title *JEWISH REGENERATION AFTER THE SHOAH: The Midrashic Process And The Search For A Post-Shoah Theology (2011) Email: Tiknet18@sbcglobal.net     … Continue reading →
  • Israel, Debbie

    Israel, Debbie

    Position: Rabbi
  • Kantrowitz, Min

    Kantrowitz, Min

    A fellow of the CLAL Rabbis Without Borders program, Rabbi Kantrowitz served thousands of unaffiliated Jews in New Mexico from 2004 until 2015.
  • Kaplan, Rabbi Bill

    Kaplan, Rabbi Bill

    Position: Rabbi Thesis Title *EDIBLE JUDASIM: Using Nature Imagery in the Torah for Homiletical and Pedagogical Practice (2016) Email: bill@shalominstitute.com   … Continue reading →
  • Kertesz, Dean

    Kertesz, Dean

    Position: At JCHS: Jewish Studies Teacher and Dean of the 11th and 12th grades. At TBH: Rabbi
  • King, Julian Alexander

    King, Julian Alexander

    Jules King received  his BS in Management from Franklin  Pierce  University  in New Hampshire.  He also graduated Wayne State University, School of Mortuary Science  and has practiced …
  • Kozlow, Rabbi Julie

    Kozlow, Rabbi Julie

    Email: juliekozlow56@gmail.com   … Continue reading →
  • Lawton, Allison

    Lawton, Allison

    Rabbi Allison Lawton is a graduate of the Academy for Jewish Religion, California. Rabbi Lawton completed her undergraduate and graduate work at Pepperdine University.
  • Leon, Shana

    Leon, Shana

    San Francisco native and graduate of UCLA, American Jewish University (MAEd). Mom of two great teenagers. Cantorial work in Los Angeles since 1995.
  • Levine, Arthur , Ph.D., J.D

    Levine, Arthur , Ph.D., J.D

    I made Aliyah in 2012 and divide my time between Fullerton, CA and Israel.
  • Li-Paz, Ron

    Li-Paz, Ron

    Spiritual Leader (Cantor/Rabbi) of Valley Outreach Synagogue since 1996
  • Lieberman, Beth

    Lieberman, Beth

    Four years of organizing congregations around a vision and building community initiatives
  • Lipschultz, Jeffrey

    Lipschultz, Jeffrey

    Rabbi Jeffrey Lipschultz has been the Rabbi at Beth Judah Temple in Wildwood, NJ since 2008. Beth Judah is a historic synagogue on the Jersey Shore.
  • Madden, Janet

    Madden, Janet

    Rabbi Janet Madden Ph.D is a four-time fellowship recipient of the National Endowment for the Humanities and a graduate of Kol Zimra Sacred Chant and a certified …
  • Magal, Alicia

    Magal, Alicia

    Ordained in 2003 by AJR-CA and Aleph Renewal seminaries, Alicia Magal lived and worked in Israel for 7 years, returned to the US married and with two …
  • Marcus, Paula

    Marcus, Paula

    Position: Rabbi
  • Margalith, Osnat

    Margalith, Osnat

    Position: Rabbi
  • Mehring, Janice

    Mehring, Janice

    Rabbi Mehring is a product of the Reform movement having grown up in San Diego, CA and attending Camp Swig, now Camp Newman, as a kid.
  • Michael, Belle

    Michael, Belle

    Rabbi Michael serves as Campus Rabbi and Hillel director at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks.
  • Mintz, Yocheved

    Mintz, Yocheved

    Rabbi Mintz is the spiritual head of Congregation P'nai Tikvah, the only Reconstructionist/Renewal community in Nevada.
  • Mittelman, Malka

    Mittelman, Malka

    Position: Rabbi, Spiritual Care Counselor
  • Mummert, Catherine

    Mummert, Catherine

    Position: Rabbi Email: crmummert@yahoo.com Thesis Title: B’REISHEIT: Every End is a New Beginning (2015) … Continue reading →
  • Nanus, Susan

    Nanus, Susan

    Position: Rabbi Thesis Title: SONG OF SONGS, A JEWISH WOMAN’S GUIDE TO SEX, LOVE AND HAPPINESS: A New Interpretation (2014) Email: LilianaNanus@aol.com   … Continue reading →
  • Navah, Avraham

    Navah, Avraham

    Position: Senior Chaplain/Rabbi
  • Owens, Laura

    Owens, Laura

    Position: Rabbi
  • Perlmutter, Nina

    Perlmutter, Nina

    In addition to serving part-time at congregation Heichal Baoranim/Temple in the Pines in Flagstaff, AZ, I am the first designated Jewish contact for Jewish Services & Programs …
  • Podolsky, Robin

    Podolsky, Robin

    Rabbi Robin Podolsky is a Lecturer at California State University, Long Beach and Interim Rabbinic Associate at Temple Beth Israel of Highland Park and Eagle Rock.
  • Rensin, Rabbi Sarah

    Rensin, Rabbi Sarah

    Position: Rabbi Email: sauce3@yahoo.com    Thesis Title ILLUMINATIONS OF THE AMIDAH: The First Three Brachot (2015) … Continue reading →
  • Robbins, Eva

    Robbins, Eva

    Position: Rabbi and Cantor
  • Rosenfeld, Ira

    Rosenfeld, Ira

    I am Co-Founder, Clergy, and Educator for Or Echad and HomeShul. Or Echad is a non-profit religious organization that provides services to several areas of Southern and …
  • Rosenstein, Sandy

    Rosenstein, Sandy

    Position: Rabbi
  • Rotenberg, Rabbi Mark

    Rotenberg, Rabbi Mark

    Position: Rabbi Thesis Title: RECOVERY REFLECTIONS IN TEHILLIM (2007) Email: rebmdr@gmail.com … Continue reading →
  • Seidman, Lawrence

    Seidman, Lawrence

    Rabbi Larry Seidman is a transdenominational rabbi serving the Jewish communities of Southern California. Based in Orange County, he is a frequent participant in interfaith activities, and …
  • Seidman, Linda

    Seidman, Linda

    Community Rabbi in Orange County
  • Shapiro, Lori

    Shapiro, Lori

    Founder of The Open Temple centered in Venice, CA, Lori seeks to take her experience from her broad background in the arts and academia, and serve unaffiliated …
  • Sharfman, Bonnie

    Sharfman, Bonnie

    Position: Rabbi
  • Shelby, Arinna

    Shelby, Arinna

    Position: Rabbi
  • Sherwood, Jay

    Sherwood, Jay

    Position: Rabbi
  • Shleffar, Rabbi Paul

    Shleffar, Rabbi Paul

    Position: Rabbi   Thesis Title *STIRRINGS OF THE SOUL: Hitorerut Hanefesh (2006) Email: paulshleffar@gmail.com   … Continue reading →
  • Simerly, Rabbi Cantor Meeka

    Simerly, Rabbi Cantor Meeka

    Graduated AJRCA 2009, Ordained as Cantor Worked as Cantor at Temple Emanu-El, San Jose, CA, 2006-2016
  • Skolnick, Bruce M.D., Ph.D.

    Skolnick, Bruce M.D., Ph.D.

    PhD Anatomy, UCLA, on faculty for several years Medical School UCLA Anesthesiology Residency UCLA
  • Snyder, Mindie

    Snyder, Mindie

    Rabbi Mindie Snyder serves the community of Flagstaff, AZ as the spiritual leader of Congregation Lev Shalom (formerly Heichal Baoranim/Temple in the Pines), since August of 2015.
  • Tessler, Faith

    Tessler, Faith

    I was ordained by AJRCA in 2007. Since then, I have been working as the community rabbi in Desert Hot Springs, CA, doing monthly Shabbat services as …
  • Torchio, Batshir

    Torchio, Batshir

    Position: Rabbi, Senior Educator
  • Tubman, Yisraela

    Tubman, Yisraela

    Position: Teacher
  • Turner, Rabbi Monty

    Turner, Rabbi Monty

    Position: Rabbi Thesis Title: FROM HUMILITY TO HALLELUJAH (AND BACK AGAIN) (2005) … Continue reading →
  • Waugaman, Wynne

    Waugaman, Wynne

    History of over 35 years in academic administration and teaching;research interest in Jewish Alaska - will have an exhibit at the Alaska Jewish Museum on The Miracle …
  • Weiner, Cheryl

    Weiner, Cheryl

    Position: Rabbi/Chaplain
  • Young, Melvin Alexander

    Young, Melvin Alexander

    Upon ordination, Rabbi Mel Young looks forward to supporting a synagogue in its many roles, engage in Jewish education, and never be far away from aiding those …
  • Yussman, Rebeccah Ilana

    Yussman, Rebeccah Ilana

    Rebeccah has worked in synagogues, camps, and other organizations for over twenty years in various capacities and across the country, including Temple Ahavat Shalom, Hillel at CSUN, …
  • Zacky, Barbara

    Zacky, Barbara

    I am a member at IKAR and am on the Avelilut committee.