Academy for Jewish Religion, California - Clergy & Alumni Association

A Summa Cum Laude graduate in Computer Science and Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin, David Baron also received a Masters degree in Computer Science from that same institution. David has since had a highly successful career in the Software industry working with some of the industry “giants.” He is currently a “Distinguished Technologist/Strategist” with Hewlett-Packard/Peregrine Systems; the title of “Strategist” being a coveted, peer-reviewed position awarded to the top 30 (of more than 30,000 eligible) technologists at Hewlett-Packard.
Upon ordination, Rabbi Baron will continue his primary work in the high tech industry, driving innovation developed by Hewlett­
Packard teams in Israel. He also plans on developing his midrashic novel, “The Prophet’s Apprentice,” for publication as well as
continuing his rabbinic work teaching and providing spiritual guidance in the San Diego Jewish community.