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Position: Rabbi

Thesis Title:
BRINGING G-D TO YOUR TABLE: A Guide to Holy Eating (2006)

From a kabbalistic perspective, the physical body can be transformed through eating with the appropriate intentions. Food, for the kabbalist, is more than a biological need sustaining the body. A kabbalist may or may not need food or even eat in the same way as other people. At least according to some, “A holy body…like those of the mystics — is not dependent on gross material food, but can be nourished and sustained by food for souls that emanates from the divine wisdom.”1

“The highest food of all is the food of the Comrades, those who engage Torah. For they eat food of the spirit and the soul-breath; they eat no food for the body at all. Rather, from a high sphere, precious beyond all: Wisdom.”2
A survey of mystical, rabbinic and additional Jewish sources are presented in order to develop the concept of conscious eating for today‘s American Jew. Halachic considerations (Jewish law), minhagim (Jewish custom) and rituals are examined. As the Sages taught, it is a means of elevating oneself. The goal of eating with intention or conscious eating is spiritual – to elevate the mundane to G-d’s service. In addition, ideally, it can also serve as a remedy to the impending health care crisis of obesity which faces all of us.

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