Board Certified Chaplain, APC.
Senior Chaplain, Providence Little Company of Mary, Torrance; retired 1.16 .15.
Now Per Diem.
Co-leading Healing services at Malibu Jewish Center and Synagogue 

  • Baby Naming Ceremonies
  • Bereavement Counseling
  • Chevra Kaddisha/Post-Death Ritual
  • Funerals, Memorial Services & Unveilings
  • Hospital Chaplaincy
  • Public Speaking
  • Spiritual Counseling/Spiritual Direction
  • Visiting the Sick/Bikkur Cholim
  • Vocal/Instrumental Performance
  • Weddings
Other Specializations:
  • Interfaith.
  • Focus on Healing through Music, Healing Touch, Aromatherapy, Massage, Spiritual Visualization, Relaxation through breath, Meditation.


Thesis Title
Rabbi Nachman’s Tikkun Haklali,
Ten Basic Songs of Praise For All-Purpose Remedy (2006) 

Rabbi Nachman believed that the pulse and its pattern of beats revealed the state of the patient’s heart and circulatory systems, and that the music had the power to inspire us and elevate us as well as heal serious illness.

We see from more contemporary writers in many different walks of life, that they believe that music has the power to restore our natural rhythms, and has healing powers.

Music works as a healing agent by harmonizing the body’s vibrations,  transforming emotions and states of mind, silence and sound, raising us up.

I know the power of music. I have witnessed its transformative power and am aware that much of our work as healers is propelled by melody, prayer and song.

The work of healing is more than attending to people who are ill.  It is more than  wishing to remember those in need of healing, or comforting the bereaved.  Igniting the soul through music  is about Schleymut –  wholeness, repairing the soul, the community and  the world.

Some of the Psalms chosen by Rabbi Nachman, with the exception of the 23rd Psalm, are unfamiliar to many people, but on closer reading, one can see how they speak from the heart. They reflect many different moods: joy, sorrow, hope, fear, love, anger and suffering. 

Music often reflects many of the same moods.  I looked for one or more verses in each Psalm that spoke to me personally, and set  an inspirational reading to that Psalm.  At the same time, I found music which might bring about healing: healing of body, mind and spirit that would represent the words and intent of the Psalm.

I chose to create a CD with music and inspirational readings from the Psalms,  to assist people who are struggling with illness or depression,  looking for hope, solace and comfort. It is my hope, that in bringing together the Psalms chosen by Rabbi Nachman with various beautiful pieces of music, as well as music that I have composed, that the listener will experience spiritual upliftment, healing and peace.