Chaplain Adam Kinsey received his equivalency certificate and dropped out of high school in 1982.  After being a restaurant worker, musician, political activist and writer, he attended New College of California, studying with Maria Espinosa, David Meltzer and others. Adam received his bachelor of Arts degree in Humanities (creative Writing emphasis).  He was then a writer, baker, activist and nonprofit office manager until he attended Eastern Washington University, studying with Ursula Hegi and John Keeble, and earning his Master of Fine Art in Creative Writing.  Adam continued to write, publishing short stories and essays while holding jobs in a variety of fields.

Adam came to AJRCA’s Chaplaincy School having completed two units of Clinical Pastoral Education, CPE, through the California Pacific Medical Center program, interning through the program at San Francisco’s Pacific, St Lukes, and Davies hospitals.  While at AJRCA, he interned at Hospice  of Petaluma for two years (where he had also served as a volunteer).  Currently, Adam is a member of the hospice Spiritual Care Team for Providence Health System in Sonoma County.

Being a hospice chaplain weaves together Adam’s passion for leveraging kindness in the world, engaging creativity and serving Hashem.  He continues this work as well as his writing, considering issues of death, career changes in midlife, and becoming religious.