Rabbi Arthur Stern is the rabbi and spiritual leader of Temple Israel in Springfield, Illinois. He earned an MBA and a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology, a Doctorate in Psychology, as well as a master’s degree in Rabbinic Studies. As a life-long learner, with a passion to help others and be of service to God, Rabbi Stern answered a calling to become an ordained rabbi. In May 2020 he reached his goal as he was ordained by the Academy of Jewish Religion in California. His interests include bringing our intergenerational community closer together, allowing people to explore new ways to practice Judaism and supporting others as they grow in their spiritual and religious beliefs. He has a genuine concern for the joys and pains of all people and a commitment to viewing Torah as a foundation for human wisdom and way of life.

Rabbi Stern has over thirty-one years of sobriety and is a faithful member of Alcoholics Anonymous. He worked in an executive position for The Hazelden Foundation. He pioneered the treatment center the Hazelden has in Chicago and also served for a period of time as The National Sales Director of Hazelden Publishing. Rabbi Stern has pioneered a number of treatment facilities nationally and owned a sober house in California for over eight years.

In addition to his responsibilities as Head Rabbi of Temple Israel, Rabbi Stern sits on a number of not-for-profit boards of directors including being a member of The Board of Directors for The Academy for Jewish Religion, California.

EMAIL: rabbistern0055@gmail.com