• Abrams, Ronnie

    Abrams, Ronnie

    Thesis Title: *HAS SCIENCE FOUND THE SOUL THAT JUDAISM NEVER LOST? The Soul by Any Other Name is Still a Soul (2013)
  • Altshuld, Amy

    Altshuld, Amy

    Hospice Chaplain, Skirball Hospice/Los Angeles Home for the Aging. Writer, singer, performer, status quo changer!
  • Anderson, Marita

    Anderson, Marita

    Position: Chaplain Intern
  • Belonsky, Ruth

    Belonsky, Ruth

    Board Certified Chaplain, APC. Senior Chaplain, Providence Little Company of Mary, Torrance; retired 1.16 .15. Now Per Diem. Co-leading Healing services at Malibu Jewish Center and Synagogue  Specializations Baby Naming …
  • Brayer, Efrat

    Brayer, Efrat

    Position: On call chaplain
  • Canter, Marlene

    Canter, Marlene

    My background before Chaplaincy was in education. I worked as a teacher, a trainer of teachers, CEO and owner of a teacher training company, and a policy maker as a …
  • Dance, Muriel

    Dance, Muriel

    Muriel Dance currently serves as Executive Director of the Sandra Caplan Community Bet Din. She graduated as a Jewish Chaplain from the Academy for Jewish Religion, California in May 2011.
  • Epstein McDonald, D’vorah

    Epstein McDonald, D’vorah

    Board Certified, Senior Chaplain at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center
  • Gabbai, Shuki

    Gabbai, Shuki

    A recognized and respected expert in the field of Jewish education, Rabbi Yehoshua "Shuki" Gabbai has spent over two decades leading Jewish Day Schools both in Israel and the United …
  • Gorfinkel, Claire

    Gorfinkel, Claire

    Currently serving as Coordinator of the Caring Community Program of the Pasadena Jewish Temple and Center
  • Kuperstock, Dina Batsheva

    Kuperstock, Dina Batsheva

    Dina Kuperstock graduated with honors from the University of Michigan with a BA in American Culture, and minors in Film/Media  and Anthropology.  Prior to pursuing chaplaincy, Dina was an agent …
  • Leopold, Bonnie

    Leopold, Bonnie

    Chaplain graduated from AJR/Ca May 2007. She is a certified Grief Counselor,Morei Derekh (Jewish Spiritual Director) and Energy Healer (national Federation of Spiritual Healers.
  • Lifson (z’l) Chaplain Robert

    Lifson (z’l) Chaplain Robert

    Thesis Title: THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS (A MEMORIAL BOOKLET) (2010) Abstract: I wrote this book for anyone who considers him/herself a spiritual person. I used the medium of the Jewish faith as …
  • Macht, Stephen

    Macht, Stephen

    Stephen graduated with B.A. from Dartmouth College(1963), an M.A. from Tufts University (1965) and a Ph.D. from Indiana University (1970) and was a tenured Associate Professor at Queens College.
  • Nye, Jennifer Eaves

    Nye, Jennifer Eaves

    Chaplain Jennifer Eaves Nye, BCC serves as Associate Spiritual Leader at Valley Outreach Synagogue. Previously she served in an interfaith capacity as a Spiritual Counselor at Valley’s Best Hospice and …
  • Salonius, Michael Benjamin

    Salonius, Michael Benjamin

    Michael has pioneered the use of the mythopoetic intervention strategy for use in traumatized veteran and first-responder populations. His thesis for the Academy for Jewish Religion California is entitled "Jewish …
  • Schmidt, Deborah

    Schmidt, Deborah

    After a career as a business lawyer, Deborah entered AJRCA to learn more about Jewish Spirituality, and to be part of a like-minded community in order to deepen her relationship …
  • Schwarz, Mitzi

    Schwarz, Mitzi

    During the past two years she was a High Holy Days Cantorial Soloist/Shlichat Tziburah at Congregation Am Ha Yam in Ventura. In 2014, Mitzi released her first CD, entitled "Remember …
  • Siegel, Adam

    Siegel, Adam

    Thesis Title: RECOVERING THE JEWISH SPIRIT: Jewish Service Learning and Addiction Recovery (2014) Email:   … Continue reading →
  • Singer, Barbara

    Singer, Barbara

    I am a free-lance chaplain, providing spiritual care to individuals and their loved ones in times of crisis, loss and sorrow.
  • Sommerstein, Judith

    Sommerstein, Judith

    Grew up in Pittsburgh, Pa. Graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelors in Education. Received a Masters Degree in Counseling from Calif. State Univ. Long Beach.
  • Stav, Jonathan

    Stav, Jonathan

    Thesis Title: THE TRANSDENOMINATIONAL PHENOMENON: Contribution or Curse to the Jewish Community (2006) … Continue reading →
  • Weiser, Robert M.

    Weiser, Robert M.

    Thesis Title: SOUL AND SPIRIT IN THE WORKPLACE: THE CASE FOR INTERFAITH WORKPLACE CHAPLAINCY PROJECTED THROUGH A JEWISH LENS (2011) Abstract: Businesses are becoming more aware of the need for …
  • Wuhrman, Candi

    Wuhrman, Candi

    Candi serves as a hospice and community chaplain in the Temecula Valley of the Inland Empire. Candi has a part-time counseling practice out of her home, facilitates a monthly cancer …
  • Young, Laura

    Young, Laura

    NAJC Board Certified Chaplain.
  • Yudell, Meagan Leigh

    Yudell, Meagan Leigh

    Meagan Leigh Yudell knew at a very young  age that  she  wanted  to serve  those  in need  of emotional  and spiritual  support.   It was the  diagnosis at age fifteen with …